Arco is a local interior design and architecture office established in Ramallah in June, 2001 by Arch. Victor H. Ghattas. It carries in-house experience since 1997, particularly in interior design, architecture, landscaping, supervision and management.
With extensive contacts, Arco has established and continues to sustain dialogue with different consultant firms in the fields of surveying, engineering studies, structural and electromechanical engineering. To uphold a strong competitive edge, Arco maintains god contacts with local authorities and regulatory organizations.
Arco is continuously evolving to meet the dynamic changes of a rapidly advancing contemporary business environment, incorporating creativity, excellence and scientific awareness in order to best service abroad and diverse client base.

Arco Mission Statement

Arco exists to provide superior performance to its client. We recognize that our profits and growth are based on the integrity of our dealings and relationship with our clients.
Superior Performance Means
We will deliver quality service to our customers' specification
Our dealings with our clients and suppliers will be marked by dignity, fairness and respect.
We will maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency and constantly strive to improve our services.
We will continuously reinvest in the business to maintain and emprove our ability to keep our clients' stores and employees safe and secure, and ensure that the business has longevity.

Scope of Work

Arco believes that specialization is the key of success. Therefore, we have developed joint venture agreements with several firms, each in its field of specialization, to reach a comprehensive design approach and consultancy services methodology, and to guarantee the success of all projects in which we are involved.
Our services along with out associates' services are offered either in full or in part, as the client or beneficaiary deems necessary, and include:
Project research and feasibility studies (Arco and Ass.)
Surveying services (Ass.)
Engineering studies (Ass.)
Design briefs and conceptual designs (Arco)
Architectural design (Arco)
Structural design (Ass.)
Electromechanical design (Ass.)
Interior design, furniture design and landscaping (Arco)
Tender documents, technical specifications and bills of quantities (Arco)
Tender evaluation and contract negotiations (Arco)
Supervision and management services (Arco)